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T2 Metal Polishing Kit - Small

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Small Kit Includes:1 x T2 Metal Deoxidiser – 300ml1 x T2 Metal Polish – 300mlLarge Kit Includes:2 x T2 Metal...
T2 Metal Polishing Kit - Large *
T2 Metal Polishing Kit - Small

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Product Description

Small Kit Includes:

1 x T2 Metal Deoxidiser – 300ml

1 x T2 Metal Polish – 300ml

Large Kit Includes:

2 x T2 Metal Deoxidisers – 300ml

2 x T2 Metal Polishes – 300ml


DIY friendly metal restoration with Peak Chemicals T2 Metal Polishing Kit. Our easy to use, 2 step system restores all stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, brass and copper.

Step 1/ T2 Metal Deoxidiser

Prepares the metal for polishing. Removes staining and brightens metals. Our T2 Metal Deoxidiser contains no harsh acids, no hydrochloric or phosphoric acids here. Our deoxidiser won’t burn, damage or cause any white staining to stainless steel, chrome, aluminium, fibreglass, paintwork, decals, plastics or rubbers.


Wear gloves when applying our T2 Metal Deoxidiser. Apply our deoxidiser with a sponge, leave on for 15-60 minutes depending on the condition of the metal, and rinse off. Dry surface prior to polishing with our T2 Metal Polish (Step 2.)

Step 2/ T2 Metal Polish

Brings metals back to their original finish. Our T2 polish ads a long lasting protective wax coating to the metal. We use durable, high melting temperature waxes for long lasting results in our tough Australian conditions. Causes no streaking or hazing.


Apply our T2 Metal Polish with a soft cloth or mechanical buffer. Rub in small, manageable sections until the black residue is removed and surface shine is restored.

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