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King's Gold

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David Kentish
ISBN 978-0-6487149-3-4
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King’s Gold is as a story of two prospectors, Don King and Ted Walsh and their plan to find the...
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King's Gold

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King’s Gold is as a story of two prospectors, Don King and Ted Walsh and their plan to find the reef of gold, which has been reported by Mr. H.B. Lasseter early in the 20th century. They have found one of the surviving members of Lasseter’s team and his information will give them a better understanding of the location of the reef.

Their journey connects them with several other people who, although have different agendas, use the same road and they find themselves situations beyond their control.

Unbeknown to them, a pair of gold thieves who have just robbed the Kalgoorlie bank of a large number of freshly mined gold bars are returning to Sydney on the same route.  A couple of “grey nomads” are driving their motor-home on this road at the same time, heading to Queensland at the start their “trip of a lifetime”. They too are using the same road.

Two electronic engineers are flying from Sydney by helicopter to test out a new type of apparatus and are operating in the same area.

The police get involved with the apprehension of the gold thieves.

The paths of all of these people become entwined as they journey along and the story unfolds.


Robbery, kidnapping, prospecting, shooting, police apprehension and helicopter activity occur along the route as the prospectors attempt to acquire their destination.

Do the prospectors survive to find their reef of gold? Do the gold thieves reach Sydney? What do the retired couple need to do to complete their journey?

It’s all in the book.

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