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Children's Black Tie-Dye

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It's time to spice up your little one's sock collection with our Children's Black Tie-Dye Socks!Our new release Children's socks, ranging from ages...
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It's time to spice up your little one's sock collection with our Children's Black Tie-Dye Socks!

Our new release Children's socks, ranging from ages 5-12, with fun designs they'll be sure to love! 

With hand linked seams and a cotton blend, they feel comfortable on and are sure to last the distance. Children are sure to love these black rainbow Tie-Dye colours - that’s why our socks are designed with fun colours and adorable motifs to get little ones excited to put on their shoes and socks. 

Four Sizes: 
2-8 (3-6 years)
5-8 (4-6 years)
7-10 (6-9 years)
9-13 (10 years+)

*As each pair is Tie-Dyed, no two socks are the same. 

Designed and made by a local artist, these socks are the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Two sizes available. 


Every day we get out of bed, put on our socks and shoes and go outside with full freedom of mobility to experience the world in all its beauty. 

For 32 million amputees across the low-income and war-torn world, this freedom of mobility is not an option. 

Amputees lose limbs to war, landmines, disease and road accidents, with very little options for rehabilitation and care. Prosthetic limbs are an expensive medical device and requires modifications and replacements every year.

Families of amputees live significantly below the poverty line. 


We donate 100% of the profits made from each sale to help build prosthetic limbs in low-income and war-torn countries. We partner with local charities and NGOs already on the ground in each country who are building and delivering rehabilitation and care to amputees in local cities and in rural towns. 


These design are part of our Project-Oz collection, and has been designed by a local artist. We partner with local artists and graphic designers to help grow their reach and to support them through the COVID recovery.  

Each artist is paid a license fee for each design, and is paid a commission for each pair sold in their designs. Together, we can support our local artists. 

Read more about our local artists here


This design is proudly made in Australia using 100% Australian materials. 


This pair is made under the banner of Ethical Clothing Australia. This means that the materials were grown and collected via Fair Trade methods. The full supply chain of workers are paid fairly and work under safe and ethical methods.  Read more about our Charity Status, Social Trader Certification, Ethical Clothing Certification and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) 


We're working hard to have our business as close to carbon-neutral as possible. Currently, here's how we are reducing our carbon footprint: 

  • Postage mailers are made from compostable materials 
  • Our labels are made with recycled paper 
  • Our delivery with Australia Post is carbon-neutral. Read more here
  • We post all packages once a week to reduce delivery footprint


The Sock Specifics: 

  • 80% Cotton
  • 15% Elastene 
  • 5% Spandex

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