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If you want to jump right into enhancing your gut health fast, or if you already love fermented foods and want...
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If you want to jump right into enhancing your gut health fast, or if you already love fermented foods and want to grab a bargain, this bundle is for you.  

It includes:

- 1 KG Kimchi (Choose Mild or Spicy)

- 3 x 430g Jars of Raw Organic Fermented Vegetable varieties

- 3 x 300ml Raw Organic Concentrated Probiotic Shots

Choices of Raw Organic Fermented Vegetables are:
Organic Spicy Turmeric Sauerkraut, Organic Purple Polish Sauerkraut, Organic Vegan Mild Kimchi, Organic Vegan Hot Kimchi, Organic Ginger Zing Sauerkraut, Organic Fermented Ginger Beetroot, Organic Garlic & Dill Immune Booster Sauerkraut, Organic Fermented Spanish Beetroot, Organic Fermented Beetroot & Cabbage.

Choices of Raw Organic Concentrated Probiotic Shots
Ginger Tummy Tonic, Spicy Turmeric, Purple Polish, Vegan Kimchi, Traditional Beet Kvas, Spanish Beet Kvas, Ginger Beet Kvas, Vegan Hot Kimchi, Garlic Immune Booster

With this pack, you will have 4 flavours of our amazing, premium vegetables to choose from, including a large jar of our most popular vegan kimchi, which means you will have different kinds to go with a variety of meals. 

Your 3 Concentrated Tonics will mean you will receive a variety of benefits not only from the probiotics but also the 100% Australian Organic Vegetables and can choose to either take each one daily or finish one entirely before moving onto the next.

The recommended daily use is at least 1-2 tablespoons of fermented vegetables with every meal and at least 2-3 x 30ml shots of concentrated probiotic tonics per day. 

All our products are made using natural Lacto fermentation techniques and we use only 100% natural ingredients, even down to the organic spring water and add no powders or starter cultures.  This results in superior purity, health benefits and flavour.

*This is a raw, live fermented product and requires refrigeration on arrival.

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