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Why Aussie Mart?

At Aussie Mart we want to make a difference and aim to help Australian businesses battle the ever growing issue of gaining traction in the online world.

We also want a place where all Australians can explore and buy Australian Made and Owned products without the worry of needing to research the products to see if they're genuinely Australian.

All products on our platform are Australian Made and Australian Owned.


Our Commitment

The Aussie Mart team are committed to building a fruitful future for the next generation of Australians. Our goals are to invest heavily in Australian assets and focus on helping to bring back key manufacturing processes to Australia.

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Our Story

Promoting Australian Made & Owned, Supporting Australian Businesses.

Aussie Mart started as a passion project, quickly grew legs, and is now poised to be Australia's largest multi-vendor e-commerce platform, supporting Australian owned businesses and promoting Australian made products. The team behind Aussie Mart have been supporting and promoting Australian made products and businesses for many years in the background on our social media platforms. Founding Aussie Mart was the next logical move.

This project has opened up many doors and shined light on the benefits that local manufacturing brings to the Australian economy. We love to support Australian made and owned businesses.

There is much more to come from the team at Aussie Mart and we’re confident Australia welcomes it.

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