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‘’Why Teff Tribe is producing the most nutritious gluten-free products, that your tastebuds and tummy need’’.

‘’Why Teff Tribe is producing the most nutritious gluten-free products, that your tastebuds and tummy need’’.

If you don’t already know us, we are the Teff Tribe- and our focus is quality, nutritiously packed Australian grown teff. We develop nourishing, gluten-free health food products made from a tiny seed called ‘TEFF’.

Teff Tribe is owned and operated by the McNaul family, who are proudly the first Australian growers of this ancient seed! All our products are based from this powerhouse of a seed, that is grown in the Southern Riverina of New South Wales. We supply everything from the staple seeds, flours, flakes to porridge sachets, premixes, pasta and beyond!

So why teff? Well, after learning that teff may be small in size but big in benefits, we decided to start developing products made out of this amazing seed! It is naturally gluten free and packed with 20+ vitamins and minerals including protein, iron, calcium and magnesium to name a few!

So where did this incredible seed come from? Teff originated from Ethiopia and has been a staple ingredient for thousands of years! Typically used to make the traditional Ethiopian flatbread ‘Injera’, we have now utilised this versatile ingredient to make everything from pasta to porridge. It has become a very popular food choice for many Australians who are suffering from Celiac Disease, or who want to have more nutrition in their diets. And it’s not hard to see why-with more calcium per unit than milk, and more iron than red meat, teff is definitely a winner!

So what can I make with teff? If you haven’t already tried cooking with teff, we have gone ahead and made it easy for you! Our range of premixes, pastas and porridge make cooking easy! Our flours can be used for baking sweet or savoury goods, and our seeds can be used as a rice, cous-cous or quinoa replacement. Teffs subtle nutty flavour works well in both sweet or savoury dishes. Think breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the snacks in between.

So if you haven’t already tried out our products, be sure to! We promise you will love our Aussie grown teff!

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