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Our Visit to Beerfarm Metricup

Our Visit to Beerfarm Metricup
Today we visited the Beerfarm, a lovely brewery & restaurant located in the lovely Southwest region of Western Australia known as Margaret River. 
When craft beer is what you want, set in a rustic back-to-nature atmosphere where the entire family can eat, drink (non-alcoholic for those under 18 years of age), and have a blast, then you have just described Margaret River’s authentic Beer Farm.

The beauty of the Beer Farm is that the owners retained the structure of the original dairy farm buildings, gutted them, and converted the hay shed into the indoor dining tavern and the round house into the brewery.

There are several indoor and outdoor recreational areas for children of all ages, including those adults with playful inner souls. The indoor area includes several video games for the older children and a comfortable lounging area for the adults. The outdoor areas include a large sandbox and a water slide. If you plan to enjoy the water, don’t forget to bring a change of clothes.

All of the beers and ciders with the Beer Farm label are crafted on site using only ingredients grown on the farm or from local farmers.

With the open tavern ambience, you can look over the pastures and see the cows, pigs, and chickens grown on the farm with loving attention and fed with natural grains and vegetables.

The spacious interior of the tavern insures you have plenty of room around your table. There is also an outdoor eating area. The tavern has vegan beer and food items. Entertainment from local bands and international musos create a festive environment in the tavern.

In addition to offering all of the standard, seasonal and limited edition of craft beers and ciders, they also offer a selection of locally produced wines and some imported alcoholic beverages are all moderately priced.

The Beerfarm crew are an ambitious bunch and are on a mission to bring Beerfarm to as many lips as possible, whilst having a bloody good time along the way! 

With 80 acres of natural Aussie countryside as the backyard, the land is part of who Beerfarm are. The venue has been converted from an old dairy farm and continues the traditions of hard work and a focus on fresh produce. 

Their philosophy ‘Established for the Future’, reflects how they make all their decisions at the Farm - from renewable energy sources to local partnerships.
The partnership between Nathan and Eileen Booth of Burnt Ends Smoking Co with Beerfarm's very own Captain of Eats, Ben Beaton focuses on bringing you imaginative, modern food and slinging real barbecue.
The lip-smacking smoked dishes and signature sides are cooked over a combination of timber, fire, charcoal and smoke and cater for multiple and varied dietary requirements. 
With a united belief in doing things a little differently, when they're not making beer, cooking up delicious eats, or working on the farm, Beerfarm creates raucous good times with internationally acclaimed musos, local bands, markets and other beer-focussed shenanigans.  
Pork salad Beerfarm
Tasting paddle


If you're ever in the Southwest region of WA, I feel its a must to visit this establishment, great times, vibes, the beer is cold & tasty as hell & the food - well I'll let that speak for itself, you wont be disappointed.

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